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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."



"I cannot too strongly impress upon the mind of the reader the importance of grasping the fact that 'disease'  is not something to be cured, but that it is the process of cure...Keep in mind that in treating the visible parts of 'disease,' the physician is treating the curative process and not touching the causes of the 'disease.' The whole effort to cure is based upon the assumption that 'disease' is something to be attacked, subdued, suppressed, driven out, or, in other ways, defeated by the treatment."
-Dr. Herbert M. Shelton

We are offering you the  science & tools to cultivate optimal health, healing, wellness, & freedom in your life. Choose from... 

12 Weeks to a Whole New You!

Transform Your Life

Experience Freedom, Health, Joy, & Peace  

In-studio, personal & group coaching, fitness training, counseling, & education 

Online e-course ENROLL NOW

Both in-studio & online e-course

We Are All Things Health & Wellness


     Fasting & Food Therapy                    Nutritional Counseling 

     Natural Therapies                              Weight Loss & Management

     Detoxification                                     Life Coaching 

     12 Week Transformations                Digestive Correction

     Behavioral Modification                    Personal Fitness Training

     Women's Health Support                 Pregnancy Support

     Meditation                                           pH Balancing

     Ketogenic Diet                                    Vegetarian Hygienics

     Transformation e-Course                 Online Coaching & Mentoring

        Health Screening                           For Your Canines

      Ten Parameter Urinalysis                     Species-Appropriate Raw Diets

      pH Testing: Urine / Saliva                     Animal Naturopathy Consulting 

HTMA Tissue Mineral Analysis (lab)                    Reiki Energy Healing


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Meet Kimberly


Kimberly is a doctor of Naturorthopathy  and Orthomolecular Holistic Nutrition (PhD), as well as a board certified Holistic Health Practitioner through the AADP. She is dually certified as a Natural Health Practitioner (CNHP) and a Holistic Nutrition Practitioner (CHNP). Kimberly is a also a Life and Success Coach, Certified Fitness Trainer (CFT), a Certified Raw Dog Food Nutritionist, and a certified Reiki Practitioner for animals.

Tips, Info, Recipes, & Motivation


Whether you're just starting out on a new lifestyle journey or have been well on your journey for years, this is the place for tips, recipes, motivation, and brief informational articles.

How Important is Your Health? What Does Health Mean to You?


Your health should be your greatest wealth! Health should be second only to your faith. If you desire to cultivate optimal health, you must take responsibility. Health is a gift we are given. Whether you choose to cultivate it or squander it, keep in mind that it will have an impact on those who love you and count on you.

Did You Know?

United States health care is ranked worst in the developed world! 

United States health is ranked 47th in the world!

United States ranks 72nd in health performance in the world!

United States ranked dead last when compared to the top ten international health care systems! 

United States health care is the most expensive and worst performing in the world! 

In fact, our health care system is the number one killer in America!

Is Holistic Health Care & Complimentary Medicine Affordable?

If you do not pursue a health-promoting lifestyle to cultivate health, it is not a matter of IF you become ill, but WHEN you become ill. The consideration that health care in the United States ranks the worst, is the most expensive in the world, and is the number one cause of death in America does not exactly elicit confidence that your monetary and emotional investment into our health care system will help you regain your health when you become ill. Just how much money are you willing to spend (keeping in mind that we are the most expensive; more expensive, in fact, than the following three countries combined) and how much faith can you muster that you will regain your health via that system?

If you do not have your health, you have nothing. Optimal health is an investment. Consider the investment your health insurance! Start investing now before irreparable damage has been done. If you believe you do not have the time to invest in your health, consider the old adage, "If you don't have time to do something right the first time, how will you have time to do it over?" You just may not have the opportunity for a do-over. It isn't a matter of life being too short, but death being forever. A few minutes a day is all you need to begin!

If you are ready to regain health and live a life filled with vitality, contact us today!

DISCLAIMER: We are not medical doctors or physicians as understood as licensed practitioners who diagnose and treat "medical" conditions via the dispensing of prescription drugs and the usage of conventional therapies. We do not diagnose, nor do we treat or palliate diagnosed medical conditions. Medical issues and conditions given a medical name or label by a licensed medical professional is for the use and treatment of the regulated conventional medical system only.