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Dr. Herbert M. Shelton wrote, "All the importance that the matter of the management of health and 'disease' by medicines and treatments obtains comes from non-recognition of [the true healing] principles from a mistake in regard to the essential nature of the action induced in vital objects by medicines and therapeutic measures. It should be known that any benefit accruing to health must come through the ordinary physiological acts. Medicines and therapeutic measures possess no power to antagonize or neutralize the cause of 'disease' or to assist the organism in its work as they cannot add power to the organism, but can only excite to a morbid extent the physiological function...In short, recuperation and restored health are never the effects of drug treatments, but of the organic force and the conditions that usually maintain it."



12 Week Transformation Packages & Transformational Living E-Course

Detoxification                       Fasting for Health & Healing                        pH Balancing

Weight Loss & Management          Ketogenic Diet              Life & Success Coaching

Digestion Complaints             Behavioral Modification            Anti-aging Therapies

Women's Health                Pregnancy/Lactation Support           Pediatric Nutrition

Personal Fitness Training          Natural Therapies      Natural Beauty & Body Care

Vegetarianism/Veganism: Hygienics                      Classes, Seminars & Workshops

                                      Aromatherapy  &  Skin Care Consulting               

Our Method

Hygienic medicine applies all holistic measures not to "disease," but to the body. These measures are not "cures," but elemental necessities to the functions of life. They (1) remove or correct the cause of suffering, and (2) supply the basic necessities of the functions of life in order that the body may restore the integrity of its tissues and functions. In short, it builds health.

The term "disease" is applied to a group of abnormal signs or symptoms, and, although these groups or symptom-complexes receive different names, they are not different "diseases." Hygienic medicine is applied equally to all symptom-complexes with the same goal and purpose.

Hygienic medicine does not belong to the field of allopathic medicine which requires a medical degree and licensure. We are not licensed medical doctors. We do not diagnose, treat "disease," or palliate symptoms.

Health Screening

Ten Parameter Urinalysis

pH Testing: Urine / Saliva


Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis* 


12 Week Transformation Programs

Our highly sought-after transformation programs were created with one goal in mind: Client SUCCESS. Our comprehensive programs were meticulously written and created by Wellness for Life being completely customizable to meet the unique and individual needs and goals of every client we serve. We currently offer three transformation programs:

Weight Loss


Lifestyle: Living Holistically & Free

Each program includes:

          Training          Coaching          Education          Mentoring          Behavioral Modification Counseling          Coursework Journal

                                                                                      Up to four days per week private sessions   

Wellness for Life empowers you to turn your goals and desires into a reality and to help you to live the life you would love. We do this by teaching you HOW to succeed. Private one-on-one training allows us to really know our clients through interaction and conversation. Our strategic questionnaires enable our clients to get to know themselves on a whole new level that further empowers us to help each person to be successful in their endeavors. Our success coursework, created by Wellness for Life, gives every client the tools they need to take their goals and desires and construct the life they would love to live.


Welcome to AquaTru®



The first and only countertop reverse osmosis water purifier that is certified to create bottled-quality water from your tap. No plumbing or installation required.

Ultra Reverse Osmosis™ technology

AquaTru's exclusive, patent pending Ultra Pure Reverse Osmosis Technology miniaturized the same reverse osmosis technology used by all the major bottled brands and puts it into a compact countertop water purifier. (click here to watch animation of how AquaTru works)

AquaTru removes toxic chemicals in your tap water.

Watch AquaTru turn Diet Coke back into Pure Water!

Click HERE to watch!

Diet Coke is a combination of water, artificial color, artificial sweeteners and caffeine. In this amazing demonstration, AquaTru removes that all and turns Diet Coke into purified water in just minutes.

Acid/Alkaline: pH Balance

Acidic waste accumulation within the body gives rise to an internal environment conducive to disease. Excessive acid accumulation is known as autotoxication or "self-poisoning." When this occurs, the acids must be neutralized by existing alkaline reserves within the body. This in turn can deplete the alkaline reserves leaving the body in a weakened condition. Theodore A. Baroody, N.D., D.C., Ph.D wrote, "The countless names of illnesses do not really matter. What does matter is that they all come from the same root cause...too much tissue acid waste in the body!" 


Conversely, it is also entirely possible to be too alkaline. Dr. Carey Reams, a brilliant physician, agronomist, and chemist, spent the majority of his career studying pH in relation to mineral absorption and assimilation. High alkalinity expressed in urine and saliva proved to be directly correlated to numerous health issues and conditions within the body.

Acid/Alkaline Balance  is a vital and thoroughly comprehensive program for everyone, especially those suffering from chronic conditions and disease.


"The physician who confines himself to the automatic distribution of pharmaceutical preparations and who does not rise to the position of reformer and instructor of his patients and who does not educate the sick and show them their general and special mistakes in eating and living generally that have caused their intoxication and culminated in sickness and who does not lead them back to health by teaching what errors they must avoid and mapping out for them a plan of general hygienic living and who does not make the patient realize that progress is up to himself and that he must exercise his own intelligence and cooperate with nature and that the return to health is a matter of individual reform and that no one can take the place of the patient and correct his living for him and that no one else can deserve the desired progress and that he cannot count exclusively upon the help of others and that health cannot be received from the hands of another, such a physician is a menace to his patients and to his community."

-The Hygienic System, Volume VII, Orthopathy, Chapter II 'Basic Knowledge Needed,' Dr. Herbert M. Shelton