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Who doesn't like a fantastically delicious soup made in under 30 minutes and completely from scratch? And to make it even better, this soup is loaded with a plethora of health-promoting nutrients. A wonderful benefit of cooking with a pressure cooker is its time-saving function. Yet for me, the time-saving aspect wasn't what originally drew me to wanting one, it was the fact that pressure cooking locks in vital nutrients, and for people sensitive to plant lectins, pressure cooking is the only way to cook veggies without causing symptoms.  On this particular day, the time-saving aspect proved a huge benefit. I needed to make a soup filled with nutrients in as short of a time-frame as possible, and the pressure cooker perfectly fit the bill. This recipe has no absolute measurements as I believe soup is completely customizable, especially when needed at the last minute! Below is a basic outline of how I made this utterly delicious soup. Be sure to use all or as many organic ingredients as...

            With so much information available and circulating widely, much of which dictates what is correct and what is not, how can one truly know how to maximize muscle engagement during this king of chest exercises? The most common form of chest press involves the 90° arm angle with elbows out. This form engages the deltoids while lessening muscle fiber recruitment in the pectoral area. It puts a rigorous amount of strain on the front deltoids as well as straining the muscles of the rotator cuff during the eccentric part of the movement. This not only will lend to potential shoulder injury, but does not allow for maximum pectoral involvement. Another method of chest press includes the powerlifter form. This pressing form minimizes the distance between the bar and chest by an over-exaggerated arch in the lumbar region of the back, and with the knees bent at an extreme angle, allows for the feet to be brought beneath the torso. This form in no way allows for maximum muscle fiber rec...


            Wellness for Life Fitness Studio is a private personal training facility with the sole goal of bringing our clients the absolute most effective, scientifically sound, and safe fitness programs possible. We believe that years of experience coupled with on-going education is essential to produce an accomplished, versatile, and expert fitness trainer. While fitness trainer certificate programs offered through the various and rather numerous certifying agencies, associations, and organizations are a good start to becoming a fitness specialist, they are not nearly comprehensive enough to qualify someone as a professional or expert in the field of fitness. Becoming an expert in any field requires years of education, training, and hands-on experience. Simply being a fitness enthusiast or staying fit does not qualify as experience in the field of fitness training. A fitness trainer must be formally and thoroughly educated in anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, biology, health, injur...

            If you have not yet had the opportunity to read my previous blog series entitled On the Matter of Cause and Cure, I encourage you to begin there before commencing on this extension of the former posts. It is necessary to have a foundational understanding of the cause of disease and the process of healing to fully appreciate and grasp the notion of living a life without the fear of disease. Freedom from fear is a necessity if one is to cultivate and fully realize the possibility of optimal health in their life. Fear is crippling, energy draining, a thief to peace and rational thought, a deceiver, and an interference and obstruction being directly responsible for preventing healing and cure. Dr. Felix Oswald once wrote, “In the tragedy of errors, called the history of the human race, ignorance has often done as much mischief as sin.”

            The greatest error of medicine is to believe that disease is an enemy to be fought and annihilated. The focu...

            “From time immemorial, man has looked for Saviors, and, when not looking for a Savior, he is looking for a cure. He believes in paternalism. He is looking to get something for nothing, not knowing that the highest price we ever pay for anything is to have it given to us. Instead of accepting salvation,” wrote Dr. John Tilden in his book Toxemia Explained, “it is better to deserve it. Instead of buying, begging or stealing a cure, it is better to stop building disease. Disease is of man’s own building, and one worse thing than the stupidity of buying a cure is to remain so ignorant as to believe in cures. The false theories of salvation and cures have built man into a mental mendicant, when he should be the arbiter of his own salvation, and, certainly, his own doctor, instead of being a slave to a profession that has neither worked out its own salvation from disease nor discovered a single cure in all the age-long periods of man’s existence on earth....

            Cure belongs to the realm of biological processes. Man’s unrelenting quest for cure is, in many ways, in vain. “Burning with white-hot irons, poisoning with deadly drugs, amputations and other surgical atrocities, electrocuting, mauling, ‘adjustments,’ the beating of tom-toms, use of charms and incantations, and resort to prayer,” writes Dr. Herbert M. Shelton, “have all been based on the delusion that ‘disease’ is the foe of life and must be destroyed. The medical professions are at war—fighting a fictional entity.” “Disease” is not a something against which one can declare war. “Disease” is a label given to a specific set of symptoms known in the medical profession as a “symptom complex.” What the medical professionals have waged their war against are the actual biological defense mechanisms which have manifested such symptoms in the attempt to repair and survive.

            Dr. Felix Oswald wrote in his work entitled...

Cure is from within and cannot be discovered or found in a magic pill or poison drug. Health and healing can be realized only when the cause of disease is removed.

April 4, 2017

January 7th, 2017 - March 28th, 2017

The reality of life and death hit home hard for us this past week. We welcomed into our lives and home a beautiful eight week old Pomeranian puppy, Luna, whom we hoped to love and cherish for many, many years. But that was not to be the case...

The Holistic Canine was created for two purposes. The first being to educate dog owners/guardians how to cultivate health that yields an extended lifespan and the reduction of illness and chronic disease in four-legged family members. A dog's life is short enough without having to worry about treating ailments, conditions, and experiencing the heartbreak of premature death. And secondly, the Holistic Canine was created to produce puppies that have a strong start in life, free from chemicals and dangerous vaccines, in order that their early cultivation of health might carry them through well over a decade, if not two, of life filled with health, vitality, and joy.

The Holistic Canine is a mere...

February 10, 2017

Empirical science studies the material world. In fact, the purpose of science itself is for the study and understanding of the world we can see, hear, smell, touch, and taste. Science also studies the invisible aspects of our world that we cannot necessarily see or hear or feel, but that we can experience, such as gravity and entropy and the electromagnetic spectrum. The beauty of holism is that it strives to take into consideration a whole, to understand the entirety, to leave no aspect of the whole outside of orderly and logical consideration. Science has discovered countless facts about our world and our lives in relation to the world. When it comes to health and healing, the holistic approach leaves no aspect of man outside the whole. While much of the physical aspect of man can be studied empirically via scientific investigation, the mental and spiritual must take a different approach to understanding. There exists a philosophical system in place for the mental understanding and c...

February 4, 2017

It's a great question, really. Is vegetarianism, or even veganism, more healthful than eating a diet that includes animal flesh and products produced by animals? Or does it simply come down to a matter of one's philosophy, beliefs, or cultural background? I am going to answer that question based on the most recent research and analysis now available that has long studied diets and the effects of each diet on people groups from ages past to modern day.

Nearly every culture and its dietary practices have been studied, at least in part. Two doctors who did just that immediately come to mind; two men studying two polar opposite dietary practices, both with incredible findings. The first is Dr. Herbert Shelton who was a firm believer in plant based diets. He witnessed incredible results within his own practice where he prescribed plant foods for the healing of chronic and even terminal diseases. The second is Dr. Weston A. Price who was a firm believer in raw dairy, free-range eggs, grass-fe...

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