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Not too long ago, I battled something many people face or have faced: depression and anxiety. During those many years, I experienced damage to my mind and body. While in many ways my depression drove me closer to my faith, it also challenged me well beyond my ability to cope, draining me of my strength and fortitude; in fact, so much so, that I began experiencing panic attacks. Because I was a mom to young children and "shut-in" my home, I did not have any external support. With the lack of medical insurance, I was left to deal with my health on my own. While in my darkest hours, I composed poetry that would later find its place in the healing of others. Here I share two of my published works. It is my prayer that perhaps someone will gain courage to press forward and to resolve to not give up.

So Here I Stand! © Kimberly Styn Lloyd

So it is I, a warrior wounded deeply in battle.
My sword lay at my side, my arm too weak to wield it.
Where is the evidence that I engaged in battle?
The hil...

1 large            zucchini, halved lengthwise, seeds removed and reserved

½ med            red pepper, diced

½ med            yellow onion, diced

1 clove           garlic, crushed and minced

6 spears         asparagus, broken into small pieces

2 oz.                goat cheese, shredded

To taste          salt, pepper, and/or other preferred seasonings

                        Butter or coconut oil for sautéing

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

In a skillet, lightly sauté pepper, onion, garlic, asparagus, and reserved zucchini seeds in butter or oil until sl...

This is by far my most favorite gluten-free bread recipe. I developed this one after attempting many coconut bread recipes which left me with dry, flat bread that crumbled when you cut it. This delicious bread is moist with a cake-like consistency. I wouldn't recommend this for sandwiches due to its delicacy, but it is heavenly spread with a nut or seed butter, organic butter, or a fruit spread.

¼ c.                 organic butter, melted

¼ c.                 coconut oil, melted

6 large            eggs, cage-free, organic (room temperature)

1 tbsp.            raw honey

2 tbsp             pureed pumpkin, organic (canned or homemade)

¼ c.                 coconut milk (full fat or any unsweetened coconut milk)...

When I speak about living life abundantly, I am not referring to having an abundance of "stuff" as in wealth or the material sense of the word, nor do I mean food or luxury. Rather, to live abundantly is to live life in its fullness. Often to experience fullness, we must, on occasion, remove from the abundance in our lives. Why? Because removing the abundance makes room for a greater appreciation. It produces healing, purification, efficiency, an increased awareness, perhaps even an increase in sensitivity to the world and those around us. When we produce these qualities, we begin to live life more abundantly.

Fasting is one area where we can remove from the abundance of our everyday lives. Fasting has been practiced for millennia. Religious leaders and gurus from nearly every major religion and philosophy have encouraged fasting. This lack from the abundance of the everyday feasting, produces purification within the body, the mind, and the spiritual life. How? From a physical sense, th...

4-5 pounds                beef bones (from grass-fed beef is best)

1/3 c.                           raw apple cider vinegar

3 large                        carrots (organic), rough chopped

3 ribs                          celery (organic), rough chopped

1 large                        yellow onion (organic), rough chopped

Add bones and vinegar to 12-quart stock pot. Fill with filtered-water to approximately 4-5 inches from the rim. Let the bones and vinegar soak in water fo...

Hygienics & Orthopathy

Hygienics is a specialized, scientifically supported field. Natural Hygiene, as it is also referred to, is the system which helps individuals to live in harmony with the physiological needs of the human body, thereby maximizing health. I, a Naturorthopathic doctor, am trained in all Hygienic research, its principles, and philosophies begun by the late Dr. Herbert Shelton as well as the Orthopathic principles of health originated by the late Dr. Isaac Jennings. Hygienics is non-medical, non-chemical, and considered complimentary to conventional medical practices and philosophies.

As a Naturorthopathic doctor, I utilize natural means to encourage cleansing, healing, and symptom amelioration. By supplying the body with the basic requirements of nature: natural unadulterated food, unpolluted air, pure water, exercise, rest, sleep, mental and emotional poise, wholesome environment, and productive activity, - health is assured, and the self-healing powers resident within...

Our approach is unique. Getting our clients the results they need and deserve is our specialty. While every client is unique having distinctive personalities, body types, and genetic potential, we work to ensure every client sees and experiences results. What's our secret? Our secret is how we establish and work with our clients to meet goals; or in other words, the process. Goal setting is essential to achieving results, seeing changes, and experiencing benefits. Anyone can set goals, and any natural health and fitness professional can help a client establish goals. Yet we have found that goal setting is also a science. We have based our goal setting on the ability we as humans have to create or develop a desired change (mental), put that change into action (mental and physical), and reach and experience the result (physical). But it doesn't end there! A goal needs to become the client allowing the client to continue forward in establishing and achieving additional goals. It is a rest...

The popular and widely recognized phrase "You are what you eat" is, unfortunately, inaccurate. We are literally what we assimilate. Poor food choices and food combinations directly contribute to chronic disease and an unhealthy weight gain or loss due to an impaired assimilation of vital nutrients. When the body lacks the nutrients it requires for maintenance and metabolism, health is sacrificed. Additionally, an ideal body weight becomes difficult to maintain increasing one’s risks for numerous health problems and conditions. When food combinations are not ideal, elimination of waste produced from fermenting and putrefied food particles is greatly compromised. Insufficient assimilation and elimination contributes to frequent acute illnesses, arthritis, chronic sinus drainage and inflammation, autoimmune disorders and allergies, digestive disorders and insufficiencies, IBS, IBD, weight gain, excessive weight loss, skin disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic headaches and migraine...

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