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Dog & Puppy Adoption

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What is Natural Rearing?


The very foundation of Natural Rearing is cultivating health with the purpose of creating and maintaining resilient immune function. This is accomplished first and foremost by feeding fresh natural food, such as raw meat and organs, meaty bones, fresh vegetables and fruits, and raw dairy or goat milk. Additionally, by providing pure water (free of chlorine and fluoride) and fresh clean air, keeping stress to a minimum, providing opportunities for suitable exercise, and offering adequate love and attention, the reality of health is achieved. The use of natural alternatives to chemicals and medication is also of great importance. In providing all of these necessities to our  practices, we are awarded with the assurance of health. Natural Rearing also involves a vaccine-free protocol (accept where law mandates rabies vaccination). Thus, in the event of a healing crisis, a reliance on the dog’s own natural immune responses and healing ability to see  him through a disease process will establish a permanent immunity against disease. We encourage the use of holistic therapies, rather than unsafe medications, to assist a dog through a healing crisis. Natural therapies such as herbs, homeopathy, essential oils, massage, and other holistic modalities are endorsed. 


Unfortunately, there are no guarantees in life, and Natural Rearing does not guarantee a disease-free or prolonged life. What Natural Rearing does offer is the greater potential for a longer lived, healthier dog full of vitality, strength, and contentment.

We are dedicated to the belief that health is not simply a state of the body, but of the mind and spirit as well. We believe that dis-ease should be treated in a positive and constructive manner approaching the cause and not just the symptoms. We strive to support and enhance the body, mind, and spirit in order to bring balance to the ‘whole’ dog for complete physical, emotional, and spiritual health. We are dedicated to the principles of rearing our dogs as close to nature as possible. We incorporate holistic, naturopathic medicine, and preventative treatments ONLY and as needed. We promote a healthy lifestyle to support the complete dog (body, mind, and spirit) while promoting an awareness for our changing world.

The Holistic Canine has been a dream within my mind for several decades. As a Naturorthopathic doctor and an Orthodox Christian, I wanted even more so to bring to life holistic dog rearing as an educational opportunity for existing dog owners, and to cultivate the very healthiest animals possible to offer to others through our strict practices. While most of our dogs are registered with various kennel clubs, what is most important is not a registry paper, but the overall health and well-being of our animals. All of our dogs and puppies that we rescue or rear can be  worked, trained for athletics, accompaniment for hikers and trail runners, registered as therapy dogs, welcomed as a four-legged family member, entered into various competitions and dog shows, and so much more. We rear and rescue for health, strength, vitality, athleticism, and excellence in disposition and temperament.


As a natural and holistic rearer and rescuer, we feed our dogs species-appropriate diets of raw meats, organs, bones, and vegetation, we do not vaccinate our adult dogs or puppies (except where law mandates rabies vaccines), we do not promote spay or neuter surgeries, and we employ the use of natural therapies and chemical-free products when or if necessary.

Our number one goal is to cultivate health. If you are seeking a healthy dog reared holistically, free from disease risks, or would like to learn how to grow your pup into a healthy adult, be sure to contact us and join our growing family. We are with you for the long haul!

If you are interested in adopting one of our naturally & holistically reared or rescued  dogs or puppies, click on the Prospective Puppy/Dog Owner Questionnaire DOCX below. Download to your computer. Click "enable editing," print, and fill out the entire form as completely as possible. Scan printed and completed forms to your computer. E-mail completed forms to If no puppies or dogs are available, we will put you on our waiting list!  

Available Dogs/Puppies

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Why We Consider Natural Rearing the Only Option for Vibrantly Healthy Dogs

Health is a state within the body that encompasses the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of the animal. It must be cultivated with care and requires an ongoing process of maintenance and effort. Holistic health care necessitates  knowledge and wisdom. An ongoing self-education and awareness of current research is recommended for preserving optimal health. We not only keep continually abreast of the latest research and developments in the natural health field for animal care, but we put into practice what we have learned, honing it to produce vibrant health. Only natural rearing can produce a true state of health. Any introduction of poison, chemicals, or synthetic substances to an animal's body, as well as altering their physical body, directly disrupts and disturbs the natural flow and rhythm of health maintenance.


Disruption and disturbance to the natural flow and rhythm of life's maintenance within a dog's body is directly caused by introducing substances such as toxic vaccines, chemical worming products, regular pesticide exposure from flea and tick products, commercial kibbles and most canned foods, and the alteration of the dog's natural body via spaying and neutering. Natural rearing neither supports nor practices any of the above.


When we consider the spiritual aspect of animals, we must look at this in light of their origin. Many people subscribe to evolutionary theory; however, we adhere to the belief that animals were created with a purpose. As Orthodox Christians, it is our contention that animals were put under the care of mankind. When an animal is domesticated, as dogs have been for millennia, they have lost much, if not all, of their feral freedoms. They must depend upon their masters/guardians to provide for their every need. When seeking a dog for companionship, work, love, competition, or therapy, it is of dire importance that the dog's wellbeing be taken into consideration well before ever embarking on a journey to dog ownership and rearing. A dog's health and life expectancy lies within your choices and care-plan actions. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I willing to provide my dog with a diet specific to his needs? Can I afford the time, money, and energy to provide a raw species-appropriate diet? Do I have the knowledge to provide proper nutrient-rich meals?

       Learn more about raw feeding here and here. Find recipes here!

  • Do I understand the dangers of vaccinations? Am I bold enough to tell my veterinarian that I do not want vaccines (other than rabies mandated by law)?

       Learn the dangers of vaccines here and here. Learn about titer tests.

  • Am I willing to allow my dog to remain unaltered, and be responsible to not allow unwanted pregnancy? Do I understand the health risks associated with spay/neuter surgeries? If sterilization is necessary, would I be willing to seek a veterinarian who will perform a vasectomy, rather than castration, on my male; or perform a tubal ligation, rather than a spay, on my female?

       Read about spay/neuter health risks here and here.

  • Am I willing to prevent fleas and ticks naturally? Am I responsible to exercise great care if infestation occurs, and to choose treatment wisely?

       Learn the dangers of flea and tick chemicals and products here and here.

  • Am I able to provide adequate daily exercise, allowing my dog to run and receive regular fresh air? Am I willing to fence my yard if my yard is not fenced?

  • Do I have a plan if illness strikes? Am I able to provide natural therapies to assist my dog's immune function naturally and safely? Do I know a holistic veterinarian or an animal Naturopath whom I can consult with or who is close enough to visit on appointment if necessary?

  • Am I willing to protect my dog from harm and danger, such as from poisonous plants and foods, household chemicals, dangerous animals, accidental escapes, over-heating/over-work, extreme weather conditions, choking hazards, etc.? 

If you answered yes to ALL of the above, then you are ready to adopt a naturally reared puppy or adult dog! We are here to help you along your journey. We will educate you and provide information and assistance to help you provide the very best care for your new fur-baby. Adopting from the Holistic Canine is an invitation to join our family by keeping in touch, sharing photos of your dog(s), and continually learning from us while also sharing your own knowledge and wisdom.