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Personal Development:

Life Mastery 

Fulfill Your Goals, Needs, & Desires 

What would you love in and for your life? What would you love to accomplish or become? Do you have a need to make changes?

What is your life purpose? Are you ready to turn your life into a work of art and to create your greatest masterpiece? What would you love your masterpiece to look like?

When was the last time you woke up and realized that today

could be the best day of your life?

-Steve Maraboli

What is the purpose of life? Have you ever asked yourself what your purpose on this planet might be? We all have dreams and longings at differing points throughout our lives.  Most people will never act on their discontent and desire for a higher, more fulfilling life purpose or their need for better health, vitality, mental poise, or improved relationships. They simply remain unfulfilled, shelving their dreams, desires, needs, and longings as unattainable, unrealistic, too challenging, or simply because they have no idea how to put their ideas or needs into attainable action. 

"Everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality." 

-Robin Sharma


You CAN turn your desires, needs, goals, and longings into reality! Our Personal Development programs give every one of our clients the tools they need to manifest their dreams into a tangible reality. Even more, our programs come with an unexpected gift. The gift of who you will become in the process!

I want to share with you something incredibly important to understand. Your history does not determine your ability to attain your dreams, goals, needs, and desires. Only you can limit your destiny. What is inside of you is incredibly more powerful than any external circumstance that life can throw at you. You are a creator; in fact, you are THE creator of your destiny. What you hold as your truth becomes and is your reality. The three enemies to creating the life you would love are what nearly all of us must face at some point in our lives. They are fear, doubt, and worry. Our programs will give you a whole new perspective which serve to make way for the strength and courage to embrace and befriend those three enemies for your benefit and the benefit of your dream.

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Are you right now, at this moment, holding a dream, desire, need, or goal in your heart? 


Most of us want to change something about our lives. After all, life can become stagnant without some degree of growth. If you have read down to this point, chances are there is something in your life you would like to change. Perhaps you have read self-help books, watched motivational YouTube videos, learned from well-known life and success coaches through online research, yet find it difficult to manifest into a tangible reality those goals and dreams you so deeply desire. Most people lack the internal motivation to see through to the very end the goals, needs, and desires they wish to attain; or, end up hitting a road block at the intellectual level often known as "analysis paralysis." Attempting change is a challenge in and of itself; however, "going it alone" is the slowest and most difficult route to tangibly realizing dreams and goals. The importance of having a guide and mentor is vital.


Our own mentor, Mary Morrissey, created an acronym for the word DREAM as a guideline for the vital components necessary for successful dream creation:

D = Decide- make the decision

R = Respond- as opposed to reacting to external circumstances

E = Energy/Emotion- dreams and goals require emotion to drive them forward

A = Act- start creating your dream into a reality

M = Mentor- a mentor is necessary for guidance, encouragement, and direction

The best strategy for manifesting dreams, goals, desires, and needs into a tangible

reality is to work with a life coach. Behind nearly every successful person is a coach guiding and encouraging them along their journey. And this is where Wellness for Life comes in.

Why Choose Wellness for Life?

Admittedly, there are numerous Life Coaches, Success Coaches, Personal Development mentors and teams, and online programs available to assist you in creating your dreams and to become successful in your life endeavors. So, why choose us? We are so pleased and confident to share with you why Wellness for Life might be a perfect fit for your dreams and desires.

Choosing Wellness for Life for your personal development needs means you have elected to work with people just like yourself. No, we are not millionaires who became rich and successful charging high prices for our services and knowledge. But don't get me wrong, we are successful (in our own eyes, anyway) because we are doing exactly what we dreamed of doing: helping the people of our community to realize their health, fitness, and life dreams, desires, goals, and needs. We watch people of all ages transforming their lives nearly every single day because we chose to make life more fulfilling and enjoyable for every one who comes to us. If you have looked through the rest of our website then you know that we, Kimberly and Andrew, are professionals in our fields. Both of us have had some pretty darn cool successes in our lives that we achieved because we first believed it was possible followed by believing in ourselves. We set goals that encouraged us to reach high and work for what we desired to create into a reality. Those successes have given us invaluable experience, insight, knowledge, wisdom, and skills. Additionally, Kimberly has an extensive education including earning an MDiv and thereby gaining Behavioral Modification skills. Besides also earning a PhD in holistic health care and counseling, she has been privileged to successfully complete the DreamBuilder program through the Life Mastery Institute. Andrew's skills, education, and experiences are also extensive and varied. His Bachelor's education is giving him an arsenal of knowledge coupled with his own successes in bodybuilding and competition, in his military career, and turning his desire to serve in law enforcement into a reality while at the same time conceiving and creating the business of his dreams with Kimberly. 

Here, however, is  where Wellness for Life  can offer a  bit of uniqueness into the Life and

Success  Coaching  field.  As noted  above,  we are  not  exclusively  Life Coaches with a

laundry  list of successes  and experiences  that we tack  onto our "why choose us"  list to

make us look more promising. We are a holistic practice which equates to our life mastery

programs  being  all-encompassing.  In other words,  comprehensive,  wide-ranging, and

extensive.  We adhere to  the principle  that  mankind is a physical,  mental, and  spiritual

being. In fact, it can be stated that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. How does this benefit our clients? Wellness for Life's programs are designed to treat each person as a whole being. If you are like us, you have likely reviewed many life and success coaching websites. You may have noted that many of them focus exclusively on the mental aspect and the Law of Attraction. While this is of dire importance in changing habits (paradigms), it is not complete. We are spiritual beings who interact with each other and our world. We can give and be present to our families and the community surrounding our personal world, benefitting every person who touches our lives, if even for a fleeting moment. Or, we can focus so strongly on the desires and wants that we desperately covet that we become self-centered and narrow minded believing that we deserve and can have anything and everything our hearts desire. Many people abuse the Law of Attraction to do just this. And then there are the coaches who are teaching their clients to work harder than everyone else and push their bodies to unbearable lengths to get ahead and to be the best. I have even heard a coach encouraging clients to come home from a full-day's work, spend a couple hours with the family, and from 7pm until 2am work diligently on their goal. What good will that serve when you have physically exhausted your health and well-being for that goal you won't even be able to enjoy? This serves to hinder results and directly leads to burnout. And finally, a coaching program void of the spiritual aspect of mankind is a program stripped of life. No matter what your beliefs or philosophy, even science can show that Something is "out there" and we are all connected to the One source that sustains all life. We prefer to say God, though many others feel more comfortable saying Universe. What matters is the recognition that we are spiritually eternal.


You will find Wellness for Life a good fit for you if you answer YES to the following questions:

  • Are you ready and willing to take an objective look at your life, reassess your habits, beliefs, and thought-patterns, and make the necessary changes to manifest results?

  • Do you believe that what you get out of life is dependent upon the effort you put into creating results, and thus, you are ready and willing to make profound, positive changes that cause personal growth?

  • Do you believe that you are here for a greater purpose, and that your desires, goals, and needs require help from a higher power?

  • Does your dream and the desire you have for your life have good in it that will benefit others?

  • If you are seeking a Life Coach for the sole purpose of becoming monetarily rich or launching a large business or corporation to become a multi-millionaire, Wellness for Life is not for you. We encourage you to seek a Law of Attraction specialist or a Business Coach.

  • If you are under the impression that life is unfair and therefore owes you, Wellness for Life is not for you.

  • If you have a psychological disorder or are having serious relationship crises, Wellness for Life is not for you and we encourage you to work with a licensed or certified psychologist or counselor, relationship specialist, an ordained pastor/priest/rabbi trained in counseling, or a guru/master trained in the mind.