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The Art and Science of True Health & Healing

What does a Naturorthopathic Practitioner specialize in?

Hygienic Medicine helps individuals to live in harmony with the physiological needs of the human body, thereby maximizing health.

Natural Therapy, according to Dr. Russell Trall, "consists in employing as remedial agents for sick persons the same materials and influences which preserve health in well persons. It rejects all poisons [drugs]. I would not poison a person because he is sick. No physician has ever yet given the world a reason that would bear the ordeal of a moment's scientific examination why a sick person should be poisoned more than a well person." True healing requires therapies that are conducive to health and life as nature has provided.

Experience Health & Wellness

Nutritional Counseling and Education

Fasting Education and Guidance

Natural Health & Healing Education

Acid/Alkaline Balance (pH)

Behavioral Modification

Lifestyle Restructuring

Natural Beauty and Body Care

Meal Planning and Preparation Instruction

Relaxation Therapy

Exercise Therapy and Training

Pediatric Nutrition Consulting

Hygienics, also known as Hygienic Medicine, is the science of natural health restoration and its preservation by natural and wholesome means. Hygienics assists the body to obtain optimal health by freeing up energy that would otherwise be diverted to the elimination of excessive toxin build-up and the reparation of damaged tissues. The freeing of essential nerve energy is achieved through healthful eating and correct food combining, acid/alkaline balance, eliminating harmful habits, and living a correct mode of life. The preservation of nerve energy is essential to the functioning powers of the body. Nerves control every part of the body including muscular action, digestion, functions of the organs, circulation, and emotions. The nerves are the grand conductors of motive power and sensory impulses. Having adequate energy insures health and vitality.

Naturorthopathy is a scientifically-based, principled, and doctrinal system in the restoration and preservation of health by natural, unadulterated means and conditions utilizing fasting, pure water, sunshine, exercise, unpolluted air, cleanliness, proper diet, sleep, relaxation, correct ambient temperatures, poise, and a good mental and spiritual attitude and faith. Naturorthopathy also incorporates natural cognitive restructuring methods assisting individuals to free themselves from physical, mental, and emotional addictions.

 Fasting, according to Dr. Herbert Shelton, can save your life. Researchers have discovered the plethora of benefits fasting has on one's health and body weight. Studies have consistently shown that fasting can have profound healing potential for sufferers of numerous chronic diseases. Dr. Joseph Mercola recommends intermittent fasting on a daily basis. Naturorthopathy considers fasting to be the most vital natural therapy with the greatest of potential for nearly every person who begins a life of fasting.    

You will find that the world was not devised at random or to no purpose, but to contribute to some useful end and to great advantage of all beings. It is truly a training place for rational souls and a school for attaining the knowledge of God. Through visible and perceptible objects it provides guidance to the mind for contemplation of the invisible.

-St. Basil the Great

Holism, or holistic medicine and healthcare, is a form of healing that takes into consideration the whole person: body, mind,  and spirit. The science and art of holistic medicine has the primary goal of  achieving proper balance among the three aspects of man in order to cultivate optimal health and wellness. Thus, in considering the whole of man, the quest for optimal health and wellness can be realized.  Naturorthopathy is a holistic journey to optimal health and healing. Holistic medicine is not  to  be confused with "alternative" medicine which is comprised of therapies and modalities, some of which are often called into question.



I would like to here address  the  divisive of the three aspects of humankind: spirituality. Holistic health care is frequently subjected to controversy and debate. As stated above, holism  clearly identifies, acknowledges, and treats a person as a physical, mental, and spiritual being, yet the recognition of the spiritual aspect of man is oftentimes balked at. The unfortunate misperception that holistic health care draws upon questionable spiritual therapies, sometimes utilized  in "alternative" practices and even deemed as quackery or paganism, can give holistic medicine a wrongful stigma. While many "alternative" providers do practice therapies and modalities that may stem from ancient religious and philosophical belief systems, many others have a differing approach to spiritualism and healing that encompass clearly defined concrete science and  predominant faiths and worldviews. However, this discussion is concerned not with "alternative" modalities, but the understanding of holism.


There can be no doubt that mankind has for all recorded history recognized his/her spirituality and reverenced a Supreme Being or beings. Man is intrinsically spiritual; it simply cannot be denied. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Those higher thoughts, beliefs, faith, philosophies, and opinions that we hold belong to the soul or "heart," the very essence of our being; our spirit. The soul has no less need of attention and nurture than the physical and mental aspects if optimal health is to be achieved.


Most hesitation that arises concerning the spiritual aspect of holistic  medicine is due to differing thoughts regarding faith, spiritualism, and philosophy that are often a cause for disagreement, especially in light of healing. Quite often, people of differing and varying faiths may hesitate or even recoil at the idea of particular therapies or a spiritual modality that may be recommended to achieve healing. Such hesitation is unreasonable, however, as each person's individual and personal worldview, philosophy, and religious faith is the very aspect of spirituality that is drawn upon. Individual belief or philosophy is an essential part of holistic medicine that is utilized to create balance and to cultivate optimal health. 


"All of man's powers are intended for good and serve good purposes when used in harmony with their primitive constitution. Man can govern his powers and use them rightly or wrongly. If he uses them wrongly, pain and suffering call a halt."

-Dr. Herbert M. Shelton

I cannot emphasize enough that what holistic health

care provides is a balancing of the care and nurture of the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of a person. While natural therapies are utilized within holistic health care, the purpose of holism is balance. Balance thereby leads to wellness of the whole person.

Principles of Naturopathic Medicine

1. First, do no harm.

2. Allow the healing power of nature.

3. Find the cause.

4. The doctor is a teacher.

5. Prevention is primary.

6. Treat the whole person.

If one is to seek to achieve optimal health and wellness, if one wishes to find healing and be made whole, if one is to experience freedom and peace, then one must embrace the wholeness of their being and bring into balance and harmony the whole person. Separating the physical from the mental and spiritual does not achieve wellness, nor does the separation of the mental from the others. When the spiritual, the most often neglected aspect of man, is disregarded and ignored, the whole person will suffer in one way or another. Faith and spirituality bring life, hope, freedom, and peace. Embracing one's faith and putting it into practice opens the world in such a way that opening a curtain in a darkened room allows for the influx of light and warmth. It is here where holistic health care soars above the individual arts and practices of healing.

For me, as a holistic practitioner, spirituality is as important as keeping my body and mind performing and functioning optimally. Without my spirituality, I would be an empty shell. My soul, the "nous," is who I am. It is here where I nurture and care for my being. The "nous" is noetic and intelligent, perfectly able and created to receive no less than the stomach is created to receive food and the mind to receive information. What is it that the "nous" is created to receive? It receives grace, ideas, and intuitive longings or restlessness. It is the very seat of our emotions and highest thoughts and is intimately connected with the Infinite. Just as the body is rewarded with vitality, strength, and vigor, and the mind is rewarded with freedom, clarity, poise, and happiness; so too, one's soul is rewarded with many gifts including peace, joy, contentment, wisdom, and awareness that bring wellness and optimal health into a reality.

What do I hold as Truth in light of spirituality?

I am not simply a Naturorthopathic Practitioner, I am first and foremost an Orthodox Christian. Orthodox Christianity is  an ancient faith  begun approximately 2000 years ago with Jesus Christ and twelve apostles. Since that time, Orthodoxy has stood strong and continues to grow and spread rapidly across the continents. It is a richly holistic faith which brings the body and mind into the spiritual praxis. It consists of an organic living body that we call the Church and spans to the heavenly realm where earthly worship is joined together with the heavenly during every Divine Liturgy. It is here where  an Orthodox Christian  experiences the Divine; it is here where an encounter with Life can be truly realized. 

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