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Optimal Health and Weight Management through Hygienics


The popular and widely recognized phrase "You are what you eat" is, unfortunately, inaccurate. We are literally what we assimilate. Poor food choices and food combinations directly contribute to chronic disease and an unhealthy weight gain or loss due to an impaired assimilation of vital nutrients. When the body lacks the nutrients it requires for maintenance and metabolism, health is sacrificed. Additionally, an ideal body weight becomes difficult to maintain increasing one’s risks for numerous health problems and conditions. When food combinations are not ideal, elimination of waste produced from fermenting and putrefied food particles is greatly compromised. Insufficient assimilation and elimination contributes to frequent acute illnesses, arthritis, chronic sinus drainage and inflammation, autoimmune disorders and allergies, digestive disorders and insufficiencies, IBS, IBD, weight gain, excessive weight loss, skin disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic headaches and migraines, joint pain and damage, nerve damage, bone loss, muscle loss, general internal inflammation, hormone imbalance, infertility, weakened and diseased heart and lungs, diabetes, organ damage, and cancer.

Hygienics, also known as Natural Hygiene, is the science of natural health restoration and its preservation by natural and wholesome means. Hygienics assists the body to obtain optimal health by freeing up energy that would otherwise be diverted to the elimination of excessive toxin build-up and the reparation of damaged tissues. The freeing of essential nerve energy is achieved through healthful eating and correct food combining, acid/alkaline balance, eliminating harmful habits, and living a correct mode of life. The preservation of nerve energy is essential to the functioning powers of the body. Nerves control every part of the body including muscular action, digestion, functions of the organs, circulation, and emotions. The nerves are the grand conductors of motive power and sensory impulses. Having adequate energy insures health and vitality.

Hygienics considers the person as a physical, mental, and spiritual being, paying careful attention to the needs of the whole person.




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