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Naturorthopathic Practitioner, Kimberly Lloyd, PhD

Hygienics & Orthopathy

Hygienics is a specialized, scientifically supported field. Natural Hygiene, as it is also referred to, is the system which helps individuals to live in harmony with the physiological needs of the human body, thereby maximizing health. I, a Naturorthopathic doctor, am trained in all Hygienic research, its principles, and philosophies begun by the late Dr. Herbert Shelton as well as the Orthopathic principles of health originated by the late Dr. Isaac Jennings. Hygienics is non-medical, non-chemical, and considered complimentary to conventional medical practices and philosophies.


As a Naturorthopathic doctor, I utilize natural means to encourage cleansing, healing, and symptom amelioration. By supplying the body with the basic requirements of nature: natural unadulterated food, unpolluted air, pure water, exercise, rest, sleep, mental and emotional poise, wholesome environment, and productive activity, - health is assured, and the self-healing powers resident within the body are given full reign.


Our services differ greatly in our field in that we are an exclusive holistic practice fully educated and equipped through research to address and meet your needs and goals. What makes us unique? I give you expert information for your body, mind, and spirit being backed by not only doctoral education in holistic nutrition and natural health, but also a Masters degree in divinity giving her an absolute holistic expertise. Additionally, I have utilized the latest research, and together with my education and knowledge of the human body, tested much of this research via volunteers. I do not adhere to the teachings of simply one degree program or one certification book or one physician's research or one philosophy. Rather, I have studied the research and work of numerous physician's and experts in the field from as late as the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates (c. 460 - c. 370) to the turn of the century pioneering physicians Dr. Herbert Shelton and Dr. Weston A. Price, to our modern natural health physicians Dr. Joseph Mercola and Dr. Andrew Weil. I have sorted through and discovered what is most effective in which avenue and on whom. Not everyone responds similarly to a particular food, dietary program, natural health therapy, philosophy, or fitness program. I am here to get our clients the results they need and want via utilizing my expertise.

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