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Health and Healing with Naturorthopathy

January 8, 2017


I am often asked, "What does a Naturorthopath do?" and "What can it do for me?" Naturorthopathy is an incredible and realistic pathway to healing, optimal health, and wellness. Begun by the late Dr. Isaac Jennings, the practice of orthopathy is based on a substantial and impressive expanse of empirical scientific research that spans over almost a century of practice. Orthopathy has its roots in naturopathy with its name deriving from Greek: ortho (which means right) + pathos (meaning suffering). At first glance, any system that calls itself "right suffering" is sure to raise a few eyebrows. However, "right suffering" stems from the body's immune and defense responses. These responses produce those all-too-familiar, wonderfully uncomfortable and often painful symptoms most of us dread. Yet, these symptoms are the very indication that our bodies are actively engaging in battle and working hard to repair and heal itself; the very responses that are designed to occur to prevent the death of the body. This miraculous event occurs continuously within our bodies on a daily basis. Uninhibited, our immune and defense responses should carry us easily into the golden years without a single chronic disease, illness, or condition. Unfortunately, when this process is hindered, such as by immune suppressing drugs that directly block a symptom to make us more comfortable, or by a toxic load that hinders and obstructs proper and efficient functioning of these vital responses, or by health-destructive habits that damage the body repeatedly without allowing the body to repair itself before the next round of assault, or from environmental and dietary exposures to chemicals, or continuous high stress situations, and so forth, this hindrance of normal function is what directly causes chronic disease, illness, and premature death. This, then, leads to the fullness of health and healing, Naturorthopathy.


Naturorthopathy combines the philosophies of orthopathy (generally practiced by a physician, MD or DO) and naturopathy, and thereby encourages the human body to heal itself by restraining from the disruption or hindrance of the very evidence of healing, defense, and repair- the symptoms. Naturorthopathy works to clear pathways to healing by supporting the body in its natural function. If a person is suffering or diseased, there is a cause. The goal of naturorthopathy is to remove the cause. And because naturorthopathy is holistic in nature, it addresses and cares for the whole person- body, mind, and spirit. To separate one from the whole serves to directly inhibit healing pathways.


Is naturorthopathy an appropriate option for everyone? The answer is yes. Even when a person is under the care of a licensed physician, naturorthopathy can serve side by side conventional medicine. And, for those who appear and feel generally healthy, naturorthopathy can assist even those! Maintaining health and vitality through guidance and support is a perfect insurance policy that I am sure no one would wish to pass up.  



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