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Conventional vs. Holistic: The Reality of Loss

April 4, 2017

January 7th, 2017 - March 28th, 2017


The reality of life and death hit home hard for us this past week. We welcomed into our lives and home a beautiful eight week old Pomeranian puppy, Luna, whom we hoped to love and cherish for many, many years. But that was not to be the case...


The Holistic Canine was created for two purposes. The first being to educate dog owners/guardians how to cultivate health that yields an extended lifespan and the reduction of illness and chronic disease in four-legged family members. A dog's life is short enough without having to worry about treating ailments, conditions, and experiencing the heartbreak of premature death. And secondly, the Holistic Canine was created to produce puppies that have a strong start in life, free from chemicals and dangerous vaccines, in order that their early cultivation of health might carry them through well over a decade, if not two, of life filled with health, vitality, and joy.


The Holistic Canine is a mere one in a very tiny population of Natural Rearers. The majority of breeders believe that they are being responsible by vaccinating and worming their puppies with poisonous insecticides. Worming begins at a mere 2 weeks of age, then again at 4 weeks, 6 weeks, and 8 weeks. During these poisonings, they begin vaccinating the pups at the age of 6 weeks old when maternal antibody protection is still circulating within their blood. The vaccines are rendered worthless by the maternal protection which is why booster vaccines are necessary to ensure that the puppy will be "protected" by the vaccine whenever the natural maternal protection diminishes. Literally, it is a hit or miss game that is played at the expense of the puppy's health. Additionally, most puppies are weaned onto a diet of dry processed kibble filled with often incredible amounts of unhealthful ingredients. By the time a puppy is adopted to their "forever home," they have been exposed to a massive amount of toxic chemicals that have caused unnoticeable and often irreversible damage to their immature immune systems, liver, and kidneys. For us, trying to find a healthy puppy to introduce into our home is no easy feat and often requires months of detox.


Our precious Pomeranian, Luna, was one of the thousands of puppies exposed to an unknown amount of toxins before coming into our home. We quarantined her and began a diet change and a detox. She was doing well for two weeks, yet never gained any weight. She came to us at a mere 1 pound 13 ounces, and three weeks later weighed the same. Her failure-to-thrive began to concern me. She was not enamored with food, and my husband had to hand feed her to coax her to eat. Then at the age of eleven weeks, exactly three weeks after bringing her home, Luna fell ill...very, very ill. She vomited. She was still playing with our adults dogs, but would not eat. Throughout the early morning hours, she began profusely vomiting. By Sunday morning, she could not stop vomiting and retching. It was so bad that we took her to the vet for fluids, an injection to stop her vomiting, and an x-ray to be sure she did not have an obstruction. The veterinarian commented that her intestinal tract looked "hazy" on the x-ray which I did observe. At this point Luna weighed 1.1 pound. We brought her home and I immediately began doing everything possible to help her fight what appeared to be parvovirus, a disease she was vaccinated against. I called colleagues and consulted. I administered fluids and medicinal supplements. By Monday evening she was dying. She began having diarrhea that was uncontrollable. She lasted only a few more hours and died in the very early hours of Tuesday. She did not have a fighting chance. I was beside myself that I could not save her life. Where she could have possibly contracted parvovirus was a mystery since she was too small to go outside alone or walk on a leash; yet parvo is a highly contagious disease that can be brought home on shoes.


Now horrified that parvovirus was in my home, I panicked. I have never in all my adult life ever encountered parvo or any other illness in any of my dogs. I consulted with another holistic rearer and another veterinarian. We are convinced Luna was so toxic and damaged that she could not have possibly survived. She was chemically wormed at 2, 4, 6, & 8 weeks by her breeder, as well as vaccinated at the mere age of 5 1/2 weeks when she was only ounces in weight. The very same dosage of the vaccine is administered to all dogs no matter what their weight. She received the same toxic dose as a puppy ten times her size.


I write this because I want to express to whomever will listen, vaccinating and chemically worming puppies does not protect them! It can kill them. Statistically, vaccinated puppies who contract the very illnesses they have been vaccinated against have the highest mortality rate. And that statistic proved right in Luna's case. Luna passed away, and I, a healer, could not undo the damage done to her tiny little body. I was devastated. I thank God for what He has shown to me. I am now another statistic who can validate the truth behind the dangers of chemical wormers and vaccines, and the untold damage they cause. How do I know this to be true? Because not a single dog or puppy in my home succumbed to illness. It was Luna alone. And that cannot be refuted. Fact is fact. I lost a beautiful puppy, but God gained Luna and now shelters her from the dangers of our world. 



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