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On the Matter of Cause and Cure: Part I

            Dr. Sylvester Graham wrote in his work entitled Science of Human Life, “In Chronic disease, all practice which is not based upon a careful and thorough investigation of the causes, as well as the symptoms of the case, is in fact nothing but downright quackery and far more frequently does harm than good. For in such practices, the causes of the disease existing in the dietetic and other voluntary habits of the patient are suffered to remain and constantly exert their morbific influence by which the disease was originally induced and continues to be perpetuated…In short, I have seen nearly every form of chronic disease with which the human body is afflicted in civilized life after resisting almost every kind of medical treatment for years yield in a very short time to a correct diet and a well-regulated general regimen.  And why was all this? Because, in almost every case, the disease had been originated and perpetuated by dietetic errors, and the practitioners had been unsuccessful because with all their administrations of medicine, they had suffered those dietetic errors to remain undisturbed, unquestioned—any, even recommended.”



            For millennia, man has sought for a cure for every disease of humankind. But it is in this modern era where chronic disease has risen to power and seeks its throne among the masses that cure is sought in desperation for the growing number of diseases that multiply with each passing decade. Modern medicine is failing miserably to fight and halt chronic disease. And despite having a massive amount of science and research information at our disposal, we are failing even to avert the most easily preventable diseases. Now, when it would seem that we have amassed the greatest amount of information in the medical and scientific fields, we are witnessing the birth of chronic disease in infants and children. The pinnacle of modern medicine has clearly not seen its realization, not when we are witnessing such suffering and premature deaths. Man is becoming increasingly fraught for cure, for rescue, for salvation from what ails him.


            In his work Vital Science, Dr. Robert Walter wrote, “Men try everything and fail to get well. Let them stop trying for a while and they will get better results. ‘Not try but trust’ is often as important to health as to religion. What most people want is more rest and less worry. Drowning men catch at straws but it is the catching at straws that drowns them. The drowning of people is almost invariably due to their struggles to save themselves. If they would lie quietly on the water, with nose elevated, they could float and breathe for hours; instead, of which, they plunge and roll and struggle until exhausted, they give up the contest and sink to rise no more. In the matter of health in our day, it was folly to be wise. Nearly all thought, all doctrine and all practice is opposed to good health. About all theories of disease are exactly wrong.”


            What we are witnessing is a complete misunderstanding of the process of disease and its cure. Dr. Walter rightly expressed that all theories of disease are exactly wrong. If we had it correct, we would not be witnessing the rampant reign of chronic disease and the increasingly high mortality rates among the non-elderly. We will not see a return to health so long as man continues to indulge in the very things that are seizing his health. Nor will we witness a return to health via the allopathic medical system insistent on palliating symptoms with poisons while ignoring the cause of “disease.” Habits of indulgence and excessiveness, physiological and psychological self-abuse, and ignorance of the dangers of the modern world are the direct cause of chronic disease. If the cause of disease is not rooted out, health and healing are not possible.


            “I cannot too strongly impress upon the mind of the reader,” writes Dr. Herbert Shelton, “ the importance of grasping the fact that ‘disease’ is not something to be cured, but that it is the process of cure.” He continues, “Keep in mind that in treating the visible parts of ‘disease,’ the physician is treating the curative process and not touching the causes of the ‘disease.’ The whole effort to cure is based upon the assumption that ‘disease’ is something to be attacked, subdued, driven out, or, in other words, defeated by the treatment.”


            Always, and unfailingly within the body, there is a tendency towards health and healing. It is only by our own actions that we directly interfere with that tendency. When that interference becomes too great, “disease” is the result. It would not, then, be wise to run to a physician in the state of “disease” to be prescribed poisonous drugs (under the guise of medicine) to make the symptoms of the “disease” seemingly disappear, and only then to begin to experience side effects from the poison actions of the drugs. It is in this additional and compounded interference that the natural actions of true healing are prevented from ever being produced within the body.  Drugs, which are quite literally poisons, suppress the right actions of the body, thus the tendency toward healing is directly impeded by the addition of more toxins to the already ill-state of the person. What is necessary is to root out the cause of “disease” so that all nerve energy can be directed towards repair and restoration rather than to the removal of the excessive toxin load. Cure is not something to be discovered, nor is it something to be found in the form of poison drugs. Cure is the programmed process within every biological organism with the sole aim of self-preservation and healing. Cure is from within. We cannot hope to find a cure from without when cure belongs only to the realm of biological progression.

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