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On the Matter of Cause and Cure: Part II

            Cure belongs to the realm of biological processes. Man’s unrelenting quest for cure is, in many ways, in vain. “Burning with white-hot irons, poisoning with deadly drugs, amputations and other surgical atrocities, electrocuting, mauling, ‘adjustments,’ the beating of tom-toms, use of charms and incantations, and resort to prayer,” writes Dr. Herbert M. Shelton, “have all been based on the delusion that ‘disease’ is the foe of life and must be destroyed. The medical professions are at war—fighting a fictional entity.” “Disease” is not a something against which one can declare war. “Disease” is a label given to a specific set of symptoms known in the medical profession as a “symptom complex.” What the medical professionals have waged their war against are the actual biological defense mechanisms which have manifested such symptoms in the attempt to repair and survive.



            Dr. Felix Oswald wrote in his work entitled Physical Education, “For, rightly understood, the external symptoms of disease constitute a restorative process that cannot be brought to a satisfactory issue until the cause of the evil is removed.” Of most importance he continues, “The popular method of ‘breaking up a sickness,’ is, in reality, only an interruption of it, a temporary interruption of the symptoms.” Medical symptom-suppression “cures” are as illogical as the following example given by Dr. Oswald: “We might as well cure the sleepiness of a weary child by pinching it eyelids or the hunger of a whining dog by compressing its throat.” He continues by explaining, “There is a strong progressive tendency in our physical constitution; nature needs no prompter; as soon as the remedial process is finished, the normal functions of the organism will resume their work as spontaneously as the current of a stream resumes its course after the removal of an obstruction.”

            Dr. Emmet Densmore, in his work How Nature Cures, expanded on the above when he wrote, “And this failure, alike on the part of the physician and patient, to understand that all illness and pain is only an effort on the part of nature to rid the system of disease, and that a tendency toward recovery and health is an inseparable part of life, explains why it is for generations and for ages there has been a constant change in the methods of doctoring coincident with the underlying faith in the efficacy of the doctor and his methods.”

            Cure is directly connected with causation, or the cause of “disease.” Remove the cause and the body will begin its process of cure. It is no secret that “most attacks of every so-called ‘disease’ get well and are self-limited and this permits the practitioners of all schools to claim great success for their methods,” wrote Dr. Herbert Shelton. It is because the body is programmed to always move in the direction of life and will inevitably begin the process of cure that man gets well. “It is strange,” proclaimed Dr. John Tilden, “that the average individual cannot see the ridiculousness of a continual advertising of new cures, when the world is so full of other cures.” He insists that “there has not been one single cure discovered for anything and there is not one single cure today in the whole catalogue of scientific therapeutics.” And why is that? Because cure is insured when nature is left unhindered and allowed to accomplish the biological processes is it designed to complete. The proper effort to remedy “disease” belongs only to the duty of biological process; therefore, whatever obstructs or impedes the efforts of nature, prevents cure. Thus, it is only when symptoms of “disease” are suppressed by so-called medical “cures” and poisonous drugging in addition to the cause remaining unremoved that chronic illness and death lurks portentously at the door.

            Nature is governed by laws; she makes no mistakes and violates no law being uniformly governed by the fixed principles by which she is designed. “Instead of making a study of the laws, conditions, and requirements of life and complying with these,” writes Dr. Shelton, “the human race has for ages sought for some magic power, some occult and incomprehensible principle, some hithereto inoperative law of force which will set aside the known laws of life and enable man to destroy law and order with impunity. For this is what the idea of cure amounts to: ‘curing’ is an effort to dose away or treat away the results or consequences of violated law without stopping the violations. The whole idea of ‘cure’ and ‘immunization’ is fundamentally false.”

            People are led to believe that they can disregard the causes of “disease” under the protection of the medical shield. Suffering is the direct result of that disregard. Suffering should be looked upon as a blessing given to man to wake him to the reality that his violations, if permitted to continue, will impede healing and cure and result in chronic disease and premature death. “Cure of disease!” exclaimed Dr. Russell Trall, “What a world of delusion in that expression! It has always been the fundamental error of the medical profession. It forever misleads the public mind. The phrase is founded on a false conception of the nature of disease. Instead of trying to cure disease, we should seek to remove their causes. Disease never can be and never should be cured while their causes exist. It is the fallacy of curing disease that the doctors are drugging the world to death."

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