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On the Matter of Cause and Cure: Part III

            “From time immemorial, man has looked for Saviors, and, when not looking for a Savior, he is looking for a cure. He believes in paternalism. He is looking to get something for nothing, not knowing that the highest price we ever pay for anything is to have it given to us. Instead of accepting salvation,” wrote Dr. John Tilden in his book Toxemia Explained, “it is better to deserve it. Instead of buying, begging or stealing a cure, it is better to stop building disease. Disease is of man’s own building, and one worse thing than the stupidity of buying a cure is to remain so ignorant as to believe in cures. The false theories of salvation and cures have built man into a mental mendicant, when he should be the arbiter of his own salvation, and, certainly, his own doctor, instead of being a slave to a profession that has neither worked out its own salvation from disease nor discovered a single cure in all the age-long periods of man’s existence on earth.” 



            Palliation of symptoms, or the suppression of the immune response, is the only “cure” that the medical system has to offer. Whether it be by prescribing poisonous drugs or performing an almost-always unnecessary surgery to remove the “diseased “ part to alleviate the symptoms, either way, the disease or condition has not been corrected because the cause has not been removed. One cannot hope to find a cure if the very cause of the suffering is continued and indulged in. Dr. Herbert Shelton expressed perfectly the progression of disease and condition when the cause remains unremoved. He wrote, “The gallbladder is opened and the stones are taken out, then the appendix is removed; then the ovaries; later the womb is taken out and, finally, part of the colon is removed. If the victim is still living, the doctor operates for a few adhesions and interpolates serum treatments, glands treatments…(never any change of habits) and, thus, the patient passes from one ’disease’ to ‘another’ and from one ‘cure’ to ‘another’ until the cause and treatment kill her.”

            Cure can only come from the internal, physiological process that is programmed into every biological being and organism. Healing begins and is completed only from within. It is in no way dependent upon treatment or any outside influence; rather, healing and cure is a process resultant of the orderly and progressive working of the forces of the person that is controlled by the laws of life. Cure is, therefore, the vital process by which all living organisms heal themselves.

            What is truly discouraging and rather troubling is the fact that the medical system has either dismissed or ignored the fundamental fact that the body must be considered in its whole, being renewed and corrected as a whole in order that the recovery of any impaired part, organ, or system can be secured and assured. This is the primary error the medical system commits. Functional power and vitality are dependent upon the integrity of the entire body. Each separate part draws its nutritive needs, nervous energy, and functional existence from the whole organism. Thus, the interdependence and cooperation among all organs and systems verifies that the local treatment- “cures” offered by the medical system are ineffective because local parts cannot be independent, either pathologically or remedially, from the whole.   

            All the more, before healing and cure can even commence, the removal of the cause of the disease and/or condition is fundamental. “There can be no return to health so long as enervating habits are indulged,” writes Dr. Shelton. Again he states, “Cure does not come from without and there is no power outside the living organism that has the power to heal or cure. Cure, let us repeat it, is an evolution under favorable conditions. The forces of life can make use, in their curative work, only of those agents and forces that nature has always used to build-up and maintain both the vegetable and animal kingdoms—namely: sunlight, air, water, food, warmth, rest, and exercise.”

            Learn to cultivate health, for it is in the cooperation with the Creation and the Laws of Nature that all biological function sustains and maintains life and strength. To commit habits of indulgence and excessiveness, to expose oneself to known toxins and health-destroying foods and substances, to neglect the basic needs of the body, to ignore the body’s signs and signals of warning, these are a direct road to ill-health, suffering, and disease. A plan of living conducive to the cultivation of health will not only offer the prevention needed to stave off chronic disease, but also provides the means for cure if or when an acute condition presents itself.

            Our purpose and intent that we strive to bring to our clients is best put in the words of Dr. Herbert Shelton: “Our real object is to bring self-knowledge to the people and teach them to guide themselves. The student cannot learn these if he is taught the current conceptions of sickness (microbes, exposure, etc), and the current conceptions of cure obtained through a purely symptomatic fight with the exclusive assistance of drugs, serums, and knives. Knowledge of habits and their influences is of far more value than any amount of knowledge of physics, chemistry, pharmacology and materia medica."

            I leave you with Dr. Shelton’s proclamation, “To those who have eyes to see, it is manifest that a new day has begun to dawn upon the earth and this is rapidly rendering old beliefs and old practices obsolete. A continuous disintegration of the old beliefs, together with the systems based thereon, is in progress. That this has given rise to a large number of hostile and divergent sects is unfortunate, but this state of inchoate confusion will be evanescent. The mountain tops are already tinged with the golden glow which speaks the near approach of the joyous morning.”

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