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A Life without Fear of Disease: Is it Possible?

            If you have not yet had the opportunity to read my previous blog series entitled On the Matter of Cause and Cure, I encourage you to begin there before commencing on this extension of the former posts. It is necessary to have a foundational understanding of the cause of disease and the process of healing to fully appreciate and grasp the notion of living a life without the fear of disease. Freedom from fear is a necessity if one is to cultivate and fully realize the possibility of optimal health in their life. Fear is crippling, energy draining, a thief to peace and rational thought, a deceiver, and an interference and obstruction being directly responsible for preventing healing and cure. Dr. Felix Oswald once wrote, “In the tragedy of errors, called the history of the human race, ignorance has often done as much mischief as sin.”

            The greatest error of medicine is to believe that disease is an enemy to be fought and annihilated. The focus of conventional medicine is on the symptoms, the very manifestation of immune response. When the attention is given solely to symptoms and their complexes, the fight is directly waged against the body’s own faculty to repair, protect, heal, and cure. In a “disease” state, modern medicine perceives the body as defective and broken, whereas the external intervention with poison drugs and surgical knives is the only way to save the victim from the evils of his own immune response. The idea of germs causing illness, in a similar manner, places man as the opponent battling against the dangerous, maybe even deadly, germ whereas conventional medicine is the savior coming to the rescue with antibiotics and every manner of palliative drugs to abate the terrifying and, all too often perceived, life-threatening symptoms. But alas, if only that were true. In reality, the so-called rescue from the conventional medical system has done nothing but to wage a war against an imaginary foe.

                Symptoms are the body’s incredible work of healing and cure. It is an intentional response to both the internal and external environment. Fear directed at the body’s own work of cure is based on a delusion. “The symptom is a vital and defensive or reparative or conserving reaction and should not be combated or interfered with,” wrote Dr. Herbert Shelton. He continues, “ Not for one moment can it be denied that these adaptive modifications of structure and function are evidences of pathology, or that their existence and continuance are very undesirable, or that their cessation is both desirable and necessary, yet, these concessions do not justify the employment of means for subduing and suppressing them. Such a conclusion ignores the purposive modification evidenced in the vital struggle against pathogen and proposes to strike down the only means at the disposal of life for restoring health.”

                If one has spent a lifetime believing in and utilizing the conventional medical system, fear immediately wells up at the first inkling of symptoms. Fear of suffering, life threatening illness, or death ensues with the belief that the body’s symptoms are evil and a sign that something is terribly wrong. If he does not run immediately to the intervention of the medical system, and if he is not given drugs to destroy the frightening immune responses or kill the deadly germ with antibiotics, or if he is not monitored and stabbed with needles to examine his blood, or if he is not cut open to have the evil removed, then fear of disease spreading, or worsening symptoms, or even fatality becomes the main focus. Fear is fostered and cultivated with such a belief system. People run to the medical system out of fear. Fear is the primary driving force moving people to seek out and rely upon medicine’s intervention. He pleads with a physician to “do something” not realizing that his own body is already in full immune response protecting, repairing, healing, and curing him.

            Immune response has great purpose. Each and every symptom has a functional intent with the main objective being protection and preservation of life. From the mobilization of cellular debris to the intricate and significant activation of the internal microbiome during acute infections for the purpose of detoxification, recalibration, balance, and defense, the body is always working toward a state of health. Interference with these powerful and intricately complex processes is counterproductive, potentially deadly, and can lead to chronic disease down the road.

            When perspective is changed from one of declaring war against a foe to one of support and keeping peace, fear no longer has reign. Supporting the body’s own defense mechanism via rest is essential. One must learn to cultivate  trust in the truth that the honoring of the dynamic multifariousness and wisdom of the fully proficient immune response will result in life-sustaining healing and cure along with the building of a more powerful and proficient immune response when the next need arises. The human body is a warrior that, when properly cared for, requires no external or internal interference. The unquantified realms of the vast intricacies and workings of the immune response cannot be reckoned. And to believe that we can fully understand so extensive of a system is foolishness.

            Practice the art of trust; nurture peace and faith. When given the knowledge and understanding of the functions of the body, fear will diminish. Remind yourself often that in the circumstance of a fully functional and proficient immune responsiveness, the human body is designed to sustain its own life. In a state of illness or disease, your body is never an enemy to wage war against. Trust in your body, love and embrace it and the functions and faculties designed to repair, defend, heal, and cure. Leave fear behind you and move forward in the confidence that the body is designed to always move in the direction of life.


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