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Personal Fitness Training at Wellness for Life


            Wellness for Life Fitness Studio is a private personal training facility with the sole goal of bringing our clients the absolute most effective, scientifically sound, and safe fitness programs possible. We believe that years of experience coupled with on-going education is essential to produce an accomplished, versatile, and expert fitness trainer. While fitness trainer certificate programs offered through the various and rather numerous certifying agencies, associations, and organizations are a good start to becoming a fitness specialist, they are not nearly comprehensive enough to qualify someone as a professional or expert in the field of fitness. Becoming an expert in any field requires years of education, training, and hands-on experience. Simply being a fitness enthusiast or staying fit does not qualify as experience in the field of fitness training. A fitness trainer must be formally and thoroughly educated in anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, biology, health, injuries and the prevention thereof, sports performance, and nutrition fundamentals; and this as just the baseline. One of the other requirements we have at Wellness for Life is the additional experience and/or education in basic physical therapy. Additionally, and of extreme importance, is having a thorough knowledge and understanding of how to perform fitness and health analyses, assessments, and evaluations followed by translating that information into the creation of a safe and effective personalized program. At Wellness for Life, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to fitness. Moreover, a comprehensive knowledge of types of exercise, exercise and sports performance, and the various and extensive types of methods and equipment (along with their usage) is required and considered critical, as well as the proficiency to create diverse programs. There are considerations too numerous to list that determine appropriate programs and this is where years of experience and education hone a fitness trainer to becoming an expert.

            We are a private studio designed exclusively for personal fitness training which is intended to be a part of the whole experience at Wellness for Life. As a holistic health care facility, our priority is on health and wellness. A fitness program that does not also encompass a corrected mode of living and appropriate nutrition intake will not have the same success that others will experience who do incorporate these essential factors, nor will it be advantageous as a long term, or more appropriately lifetime, investment.

            We are first and foremost teachers, guides, and educators. We possess the knowledge and experience necessary for anyone’s success, but that success is dependent upon you, the client, putting into practice what we have taught and what we advise.  Our environment is created to be comfortable, convenient, safe, welcoming, personal, flexible, peaceful, and most importantly, enjoyable to help encourage productivity and accomplishment. With currently three expert trainers on staff, we offer you the ability to consult and train with each trainer for a comprehensive and balanced experience and approach as each trainer has their individual specialties and expertise to offer you.  

            No matter what your level of fitness or your stage of life, Wellness for Life has something to offer you. Our personal fitness trainers have more than twenty years of experience, education, and working personally with prominent professionals in the fitness and sports fields. We invite you to take a closer look at our trainers.


Kimberly’s expertise was gained over the span of two decades. Her experience ranges from working with and being trained by multiple personal training facility owners and trainers, an athletic trainer and physical therapist at the Amherst, NY Northtown Center (formerly the Amherst Pepsi Center, home to the NHL Buffalo Sabres practice arena), to being the exclusive personal fitness trainer to the Amherst Figure Skating club in western NY. She has worked professionally as a personal fitness trainer since 1993 at three elite personal fitness training studios in Williamsville, NY including The Fitness Institute and Pilates Studio, as well as on her own. She has been honored to train numerous affluent businessmen and women, and professionals including medical doctors, lawyers, sports figures, and tycoons. Kimberly has attained numerous diplomas and certifications in fitness training and aerobics, having earned her first diploma in 1995. Over the decades she has earned her BS, MDiv, and PhD along with multiple certifications including a board certification. Also having been an athlete since the young age of six, Kimberly’s achievements include breaking school track records in several events including the 800m, winning medals in regional track meets, competing in Equestrian sports and winning numerous ribbons in Hunt Seat classes and Dressage tests, natural bodybuilding since 1990 and working her way to successfully making the cover as the Spotlight featured athlete of a fitness magazine, and her greatest achievement of bringing three beautiful, healthy boys into the world via natural and holistic childbirth in the comfort of her own home.


Andrew’s expertise was also gained over his two decade fitness career. His experiences include playing competitive sports and competing in wrestling meets to becoming an impressive natural bodybuilder, working with professional trainers, and successfully competing in NPC shows, including qualifying for Nationals, as well as local lifting and strength competitions. Andrew has coached numerous bodybuilders, athletes, and competitors giving expert and highly sought-after fitness advice. He was also a featured athlete on During his enlistments in the USAF, Andrew has led PT (Physical Training) programs by creating workouts for the squadron’s Airmen and leaders resulting in numerous successes on PT tests. Consequently, he was made the PTL (Physical Training Leader) for his squadron. Andrew has hands on experiences with assisting clients to overcome injuries and surgeries, while increasing strength gains in a safe and efficient way. Through research and trial and error, he has increased his understanding of how to maximize muscle involvement and maximum breakdown during exercise. He has greatly improved sports performance for those who play basketball, football, and for those who wrestle. Andrew has earned certification as a fitness trainer and is currently completing his BS in Sports and Health Sciences. 


Matthew’s experience in the fields of fitness and sports began as a toddler. His mom, Kimberly, exposed Matthew and his brothers to weight training and sports from the time they could walk. Matthew’s first real experience with fitness and competition began at the prestigious Stumpf’s Gymnastics Center in Williamsville, NY where he was trained and competed. His interest in fitness peaked and he turned his attention to weight training, impressing Kimberly and many others with his physical development and knowledge base. Having been homeschooled, Matthew’s transition into high school in a new state (Georgia) allowed him to develop and hone his skills even more. His first move was to join the Warner Robins Demons football team where he was privileged to work with Coach Lee (the current defensive coordinator for Peach County High school). Being a football player, he was also enrolled in Strength and Conditioning class for four years with Coach Johnston where Matthew would break and hold the bench press, squat, and power clean record in his weight class. He also worked with Coach Johnston in assisting other students. Additionally, Matthew joined the Warner Robins wrestling team where he was trained by Coaches Hodges and Lauritsen. Matthew has earned multiple academic awards in Math and Science, the Physical Education award, earned his letter, and is in the gifted program. Matthew’s plan is to earn his BS in Athletic Training on a full ride scholarship to a GA University beginning August 2018.


We offer flexible plans and packages to meet nearly every lifestyle and budget!


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Personal Fitness Training at Wellness for Life

September 30, 2017

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