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Therapy & ESA Dogs

Healing Through Animal Therapy


Animal-Assisted Therapy:

Holistic Healthcare

Animal-assisted therapy offers numerous benefits to the ailing, the convalescing, the socially impaired, and the mentally and emotionally struggling child and adult. The philosophy of Naturopathy and Naturorthopathy is, firstly, to do no harm, and secondarily to encourage health and healing holistically through nature and the use or employment of, when necessary, curative and drugless modalities. One remedial and restorative modality that we consider to be one of the most effective is animal-assisted therapy. There can be no doubt as to the strong bond that millions of people share with animals. And it is no wonder as animals are non-judgmental, accepting, and generally non-threatening. For these reasons, most children and adults openly accept and respond positively to animals. The extent to which animals benefit humans is likely without number. Some of the major benefits of animal-assisted therapy include:

  • Increased focus and attention

  • Increased self-esteem and ability to care for oneself

  • Reduced anxiety, grief, and isolation

  • Reduced blood pressure, depression, and risk of heart attack or stroke

  • Increased self-control

  • Enhanced problem-solving skills

  • Reduced need for medication

  • Improved social skills

  • Improved fine motor skills

  • Improved balance

While Therapy Dogs are not service dogs which are specially trained to perform a function in the care of a disabled person, Therapy Dogs do offer their love, affection, and patience; not to mention their bodily presence for hugs, pats, and physical support and encouragement (as well as their fur for petting, and perhaps even admiring). Therapy Dogs do not treat conditions and disorders, rather Therapy Dogs are present with persons who are most likely to respond in a positive way to the presence of and encouragement from the animal. Such conditions and disorders that may be a appropriate for the consideration and assistance of a Therapy Dog include:

  • Autism spectrum disorders

  • Addiction

  • Cancer

  • Chronic pain

  • Dementia

  • Developmental disorders

  • Emotional and behavioral disorders

  • Heart disease

  • Psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia

USA Service Dog Registration #7306242294

Therapy Dogs Available for Animal-Assisted Therapy/Activities

The Holistic Canine has several Therapy Dogs available for animal-assisted therapy. Our Therapy Dog teams differ greatly from most others. Firstly, our teams are paired with a board certified Naturopath (PhD) specializing in holistic healing and curative therapies. Secondly, our dogs are holistically reared and cared for which cultivates and produces the healthiest animal possible. When fed a species-appropriate diet, dogs thrive and are radiant with health and happiness, and  are composed, balanced, and  not lacking in temperance. The holistic care of our dogs is immediately apparent to even the novice dog enthusiast. Additionally, our dogs are carefully tested for the appropriate dispositions and temperaments. Therapy Dogs are not made, but born. Our dogs are also trained and acclimated to noises, machinery, heavy vehicles, technology, wheeled carts and chairs, and numerous other distractions. We encourage interested peoples to visit with our dogs to determine which dog is the best fit for their loved one who is in need of therapy. Our dogs range in size from toy breed to large breed, and have age ranges from one year to nearly a decade old. For those who are not faint of heart and prefer the love and affection of a puppy, we also offer our carefully reared and trained puppies in appropriate circumstances only. We also rear puppies for Emotional Support Animals (ESA)! Meet one of our very own holistically reared ESA pups who will be offering a lifetime of support to her handler!

Two of our Therapy Dogs-in-training! Shelby (above) and Cayne (below) at 12 months old

How Are We Different? Should You Trust Our Animals?

Cayne: USA Service Dog Registration # 6609212271

If you are familiar with Therapy Dogs and their invaluable service to humans, then it is likely you will have noticed that we are not a part of any of the major and well-known Therapy Dog organizations. We have chosen to remain separate and distinct from these popular organizations for several reasons. Firstly, The Holistic Canine has purposed to raise our dogs to cultivate the highest possible level of health. In order to make this a possibility, our research and years of experience has shown that feeding a dog a species-appropriate diet is essential, being the very foundation for cultivating optimal health. Additionally, providing our dogs with pure water, sufficient exercise, fresh clean air, sunshine exposure, proper rest, and a sense of trust has forged the pathway to raising exceptionally healthy and temperate dogs and puppies. Secondly, we exercise our philosophies to deny conventional veterinary protocol and chemical preventatives thereby protecting our animals from vaccinations which poison the animal, interfere with natural immune function, contribute to virus/disease shedding, and cause heavy metal toxicity leading to an increased risk for chronic disease and cancer. We also choose to avoid the use of chemical parasite repellent and protection, and to safeguard our dogs from environmental toxins. Therefore, because we strictly adhere to these health promoting necessities, we are not welcome to become registered members of the major Therapy Dog organizations.


Why are we not welcome to be a part of the major Therapy Dog Organizations? We are firm in our stance to adhere strictly to our principles and science, and to express publically the reasons for which these organizations discriminate against us and others like us. The major Therapy Dog organizations: 1) ban dogs that are fed species-appropriate diets (raw). The reason for this is their ignorance, lack of science and research knowledge, and likely their backing, sponsorship, and funding from major commercial dog food companies such as Purina. Thus, they discriminate against those who are doing their best to respect their animals and to cultivate the very best of health which propagates an animal which is disease-free and innocuous to ill and convalescing persons; 2) ban dogs who are not regularly vaccinated. It has been shown via numerous research studies, as well as confirmed by a growing number of veterinarians, that dogs who are vaccinated according to the standard vaccination recommendations have a myriad of health issues, behavioral problems, early onset of chronic disease, injection site cancer, and death. Recent studies have also shown that a single round of puppy vaccinations are enough to protect a pet for life and that no other vaccination is ever needed or even necessary. A titer test will clearly show immunity; however, titer tests proving a dog's immunity are not accepted by these organizations; 3) discourage dogs who are not chemically treated for the prevention of heartworms and chemically protected from fleas and ticks. Rather than discouraging the chemical contamination to humans through contact with dogs treated with chemical treatments (as well as being harmful to the environment), they seem to encourage the use of such products. It has been shown that dogs fed a species-appropriate diet are far healthier which creates a gut microbiome that cannot inhabit worms and parasites, something which is common in kibble and commercially fed dogs. Processed food encourages the likelihood of worm infestation, including heartworms. And because inflammation is not present in dogs fed a properly balanced raw food diet, they do not attract fleas, nor do fleas live on the dogs. Fleas and ticks are attracted to kibble fed and over “veted” and vaccinated dogs due to inflammation within their bodies which creates a higher than normal body temperature and thereby makes the dog a target to heat-seeking fleas. It is worth noting the fact that the health and strength of the immune system is directly related to gut health.

The Holistic Canine clearly states our practices and philosophies. Our dogs are radiant with health and happiness. Our dogs do not have “doggie-odor,” greasy flaky skin, bad breath, gum disease, ear infections, runny eyes, or any other common and outward sign of poor health and a weakened or insufficient and unsupported immune system. Our dogs are chemical-free and will not pose a risk of chemical contamination to humans or the environment. All interested individuals and families are welcome and encouraged to meet and interact with our dogs before deciding whether our therapy dogs will be a good match for their individual needs.